Do you have an old Jacuzzi tired of looking at, and you want it removed?  Are you sick of dealing with broken pumps, busted lines, and just want the thing gone?  Well, we can get rid of it for you in under 2 hours.  Give us a call 


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Hot Tub Removal


If you have a Jacuzzi you need to remove our junk removal team has tools and experience to make the job easier.

We can remove and haul always your Jacuzzi just give a call and our friendly team will be there to help you. We give free estimates over the phone or you can text us. Hot tubs have a specific way in which they are to be disposed of. We charge based on the size of your Spa or Hot Tub. We do this for two reasons: The first reason is a larger hot tub requires more work. The second reason is the landfill fees will be higher, and we must cover the cost. The process is simple give us a call to schedule your hot tub or spa removal. junk removal in Las Vegas at 702-824-6219 and we will schedule an appointment to remove your spa or hot tub leaving your backyard clean and free of all debris. we recycle and donate your hot tub or spa whenever possible locally in Las Vegas Give our junk removal team a call for your free hot tub removal estimate.  We serve the Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas as well.